Catherine Anderson, AWS

Catherine Anderson, AWS : Watercolor Q & A : Grapevines and Vineyards : Fields of Gold, 30” x 22” Watercolor painting of golden vineyards with dark green trees by Catherine Anderson, AWS

Watercolor Paintings

Catherine Anderson, AWS is a accomplished watercolorist with signature memberships in every national watercolor association. View more of her work.

Acrylic Paintings : Image of Along the Shore, 7"w 5"h Original Acrylic painting of an impressionist seascape with wave breaking on rocks by Catherine Anderson, AWS

Acrylic paintings

In acrylic, Anderson uses a completely different style of painting. Explore her work in this medium.

Image of Catherine Anderson, AWS, renowned watercolorist and painting instructor

Learn to Paint

Catherine Anderson, AWS, has years of experience in painting to share with you! Learn more about the resources she offers.

Catherine Anderson, AWS : Landscapes : I Wished Upon the Moon, 30” x 22” Watercolor painting of a tree in a pasture near a fence by Catherine Anderson, AWS

Watercolor Paintings

Catherine Anderson, AWS, has painted landscapes, seascapes & sailboats, grapevines & vineyards, farm animals, pet portraits, buildings, florals, farms & gardens, and food in watercolor. Her long and distinguished career has resulted in innovations few others have mastered to this level. To your right are a few examples. Click below to begin your exploration of several extensive galleries of her watercolor paintings.

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Catherine Anderson, AWS : Image of A Certain Light, acrylic painting by Catherine Anderson

Acrylic Paintings

Years of consistent discipline as a painter have honed Catherine Anderson’s skill with color and brush. The result is her ability portray a landscape with minimal brushwork. These paintings appear nearly photorealistic at a distance, yet viewing them up close reveals a loose, impressionistic style. Most of Catherine’s acrylic paintings are 7″w x 5″h, perfect for a special gift.

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About Catherine Anderson, AWS

Learn more about the artist behind the beautiful paintings you see on this website!

Read Catherine’s bio >

Interview with Catherine

Learn even more about Catherine in this in-depth interview..

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Exhibits and Awards

You will see some of Catherine’s awards on her About page, but there is much more to the story than that!

Visit Catherine’s Exhibits & Awards page >

Catherine Anderson, AWS : Night Voyage, image of an award-winning watercolor painting of a grape vine in fall color against a black background by Catherine Anderson

Companion Animal Portraits

Commission award-winning watercolorist Catherine Anderson, AWS, to paint a portrait of your pet! With four dogs and two cats, this artist has a compassionate and understanding connection with animals that comes to life in her paintings of animals. To your left are a few examples. Click below to view a gallery of Anderson’s pet portraits in watercolor.

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Learn to Paint

Explore this section of Catherine Anderson’s website to find a Q&A page, free videos, schedule a ProArt critique, sign up for classes, and more resources to come. You can also purchase two valuable resources in Catherine’s shop. Anderson’s book, “The Watercolor Answer Book,” is a treasure trove of information and anecdotes about painting to help your raise the level of your work. Her DVD, “Creating Multiple Glazes in Your Watercolors,” will teach you how to achieve the soft, misty effects you see in many of her paintings…with a substantial dose of humor!

Schedule a ProArt Critique by Catherine Anderson, AWS >

Catherine Anderson, AWS : Learn to paint with Catherine Anderson - buy her book, "Basic Watercolor Answer Book" : image of Basic Watercolor Answer Book by Catherine Anderson
Catherine Anderson, AWS : Learn to paint like Catherine Anderson - watch her DVD Creating Multiple Glazes in Your Watercolors and follow Catherine as she demonstrates four painting projects from beginning to end! image of the booklet included with Creating Multiple Glazes in Your Watercolors DVD.
Watch short videos featuring Catherine Anderson, AWS for answers to some of your watercolor painting questions.
Catherine Anderson, AWS : Learn to Paint with Catherine Anderson!
Catherine Anderson, AWS : I'm Going to Love You Till the Cows Come Home, 30" x 22" Watercolor painting by Catherine Anderson, AWS
Catherine Anderson, AWS : Cows in the Fog, by Catherine Anderson, AWS
Grapevines and Vineyards : As If There Was No Tomorrow, Watercolor painting of a vine growing on a fence on a foggy day by Catherine Anderson, AWS

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