Acrylic Landscapes

In her acrylic paintings, artist Catherine Anderson not only utilizes a different medium, but a different painting technique and style. With these shifts from her watercolor painting, Anderson is able to leverage her decades of experience as a painter to create landscapes with minimal brushwork. One can immediately see the skill she demonstrates in these small format acrylic paintings. Up close, they appear quite impressionistic, exhibiting loose brushwork and vibrant color combinations. Stepping back a few paces, however, one sees each piece snap into focus, becoming nearly photo-realistic. You can see how this works by looking closely at the thumbnails below to simulate viewing the paintings from a distance, then clicking them to view an enlargement as if you were viewing it up close. Effects like these indicate an artist’s discipline over years of painting. As a result, they make an artist’s work very desirable.

Once you are viewing an enlarged image, you can scroll through the rest of the large images by clicking the arrows.

Acrylic Landscapes by Catherine Anderson

At this time Catherine Anderson’s acrylic landscapes are available exclusively from the artist. Please do not purchase any original or print of the paintings you see on her website from any other source! If you have any questions or would like to order an original painting, please contact Catherine by email or use our Contact form.

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