Creating Multiple Glazes in Your Watercolors DVD

Creating Multiple Glazes in Your Watercolors

Creating Multiple Glazes in Your Watercolors DVD by Catherine Anderson, AWS

~Two-disc set ~
Over 5 hours, plus outtakes!
$99.95, plus shipping
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In four demos, with over five hours of instruction, you will learn from the “Master of Glazing” how you can achieve those misty, moody atmospheres and “glow” that Catherine captures in her award winning paintings by creating multiple glazes in your watercolors. Creating Multiple Glazes in Your Watercolors will help you paint atmospheric effects, fog and more! Fun-filled and loaded with hands-on practical tips! Catherine will share insights you will not find elsewhere, valuable knowledge that has taken her years to discover and develop. Also included are humorous outtakes and advice on how to find time to paint!

“Hilariously funny… a video that you will watch over and over again!!”

“First ever video to offer and teach four paintings from start to finish…Painting instruction from A to Z!!”

“A mini-workshop on tape!! The next best thing to attending one of Catherine’s workshops!”

“A benchmark in the art video world.”

“You’ll be surprised how much MORE you will learn in addition to glazing! This video is packed full of incredible painting tips and inspiration!”


  • dvd_booklet Learn sunrays in fog!
  • Achieve atmospheric glazes to put breathtaking depth in your paintings!
  • Make misty, luminous landscapes!
  • Learn Catherine’s world-famous “signature” glazing techniques!
  • Build layer upon layer of glorious colors that hum!
  • Learn how masking is the key to successful glazing!
  • Learn landscapes without the mud!!!
  • Hear inspirational and humorous stories of Catherine’s journey!
  • Two-volume set – Over five hours of instruction, plus outtakes!


Catherine is the author of the best selling Basic Watercolor Answer Book and has been writing the column “Water Rescue” for Watercolor Magic since 1995. A painter for over 30 years, Anderson is a Signature Member of the American and National Watercolor Societies, the Midwest Watercolor Society, Rocky Mountain National Watermedia Society, Watercolor West, California Watercolor Association, and Knickerbocker Artists. Her work is published in numerous books and magazines.

Inside the 2-disc DVD case is a pamphlet with complete lists of the art supplies and paint colors you will need to create your own paintings from Catherine Anderson’s demonstrations, an overview of what you will learn, how to prepare, and tips for success. Let Catherine’s exuberant enthusiasm inspire you to stretch the limits of your painting ability and acquire coveted new skills!

Below are the four paintings Catherine demonstrates in Creating Multiple Glazes in Your Watercolors:

Here’s what people who have purchased Catherine’s Creating Multiple Glazes in Your Watercolors DVD set are saying:

“A friend loaned me a video of your glazing techniques and I am so enthralled, fabulous!!!! I am ordering your book now! I have seen you in a lot of the magazines over the years, but watching the video is fabulous. I am a friend of Libby Tolleys…I am thinking the two of you are friends also. Thanks for sharing your beautiful techniques! I feel like I know you now!”

Kay Kalar, Fallbrook, CA


“Your DVD arrived yesterday.I have watched the first disc and am impressed by how much work you have put into it.I have tried glazing already but I’m sure I will get better by using some of your techniques.”

Irena, United Kingdom


“I am revisiting your “multiple glazes” DVD and just want to thank you again. It’s my second time to work along with your DVD since last year.This is such a beautiful teaching video. It makes me want to thank you, all the way through! You give so many tips—great lessons, all. You show hands-on how to paint—which is invaluable. Just wonderful,wonderful lessons. What a lot you have to share! Thank you! Best of all, you are just down to earth.You are such a wonderful person.

I was so ignorant about watercolor, even though I thought I knew a little, how to paint…helloooo! I think now, I knew NUTHing! You give us far and above what I hoped fo, from a teaching video. So, so valuable, I will refer to it again and again.”



“I am finally using the videos I bought from you last year.You are a GREAT teacher! My husband watched some of it with me and remarked on how professionally done it is—so make sure and tell your husband! Am enjoying my Labor Day weekend painting with you.”



“You are truly an inspiration to me and a clear teacher.I can identify with your explanations and see that you really love what you do.Your paintings are lovely and so poetic.Thank you for all that you do to teach us, especially as I am “back in the hills” a little and don’t get out much anymore at my age.”

Susan, Kentucky


“I just finished watching your DVD (Multiple Glazes) and enjoyed it so much…you’re a wonderful teacher (not the first time you’ve heard that, I’m sure). I appreciate your sense of humor and obvious love of life.I’d be interested in more information about your retreats.”


Sheri, Virginia


“I just wanted you to know that I just finished up your DVD workshop in the comfort of my own studio over the past 3 days. It has been absolutely glorious! You are a wonderful teacher and have taught me much about patience! Yes, patience doing so many glazes, waiting for them to dry…and then another one…and another one…WOW!…14 and some even more!!!

Oh, but the results are awesome!!! I have 4 completed paintings and one of my own. My paintings don’t look quite like yours, but I learned during the process and that’s important to me. Now I can apply what I’ve learned as I begin some new paintings.

What I like about your technique is that even though I work 40 hours a week, I have time to run down to my studio and do a wash…every night…then they will have plenty of time to dry and do the next one,etc. Then when I get an extra “chunk of time” I will add my details to my painting.

Thank you Catherine for sharing all your insights and lessons learned from years of painting.You truly are an inspiration to me! What I love the most about these paintings is the “glow” that permeates from each painting.To me, it’s all an expression of God’s Glory and to see it on paper just thrills me!!”




“I have your DVDs and book and have loved looking at them and learning from them over and over. Thank you! I was hoping for maybe a new DVD coming out.”



Creating Multiple Glazes in Your Watercolors DVD by Catherine Anderson, AWS


Creating Multiple Glazes in Your Watercolors DVD
~ Two-disc set ~
Over 5 hours, plus outtakes!
$99.95, plus shipping
Click Here to Order Now!

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