Cows and Livestock

Catherine Anderson loves to paint cows and livestock animals in watercolor. Sometimes they dominate the canvas, other times they add life and a quiet presence to her landscape paintings of pastures, ranches and farms, and still others are a wonderful expression of the artist’s sense of humor. The soft atmospheres which are the distinguishing feature of her work are even more profound when accented with cows and livestock in the composition. Please click the thumbnail images below to make sure you see the entire painting. Once you are viewing an enlarged image, you can scroll through the rest of the large images by clicking the arrows.

Cows and Livestock Paintings by Catherine Anderson

At this time Catherine Anderson’s cows and livestock paintings are available exclusively from the artist. Please do not purchase any original or print of the paintings you see on her website from any other source! If you have any questions or would like to order an original painting, please contact Catherine by email or use our Contact form.

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